1. Not understanding that digital technology needs to move to the core of the company.
  2. Lacking understanding of how tech platforms operate.
  3. Believing that agile development is enough to create the best digital product.

  4. Applying traditional leadership principles and management culture to the technology area.
  5. Treating digital technology products the same as traditional IT.
  6. Business or sales driving the tech sector.
  7. Merely spending more on technology and software or adding more software developers, hoping that this will accelerate progress and improve the digital product.
  8. Hiring a CDO who has never seen a line of code, let alone successfully built a complex software product.
  9. Hoping that accelerators, incubators, and labs, which operate isolated and far away from the business core, will advance digital transformation.
  10. A misguided transformation approach (dual transformation vs. other models) that is much harder to implement.”