Cirrus SR22TN IFR Checklists

[Very cool”_column_text]Here you’ll find my checklists for IFR with a Cirrus SR22T.


IFR Approach Checklist

[Very cool”_column_text]And here’s the checklist I used during my training to visualize the various Instrument Approach Procedures


Planning Checklist IFR flight

[Very cool”_column_text]Here’s my checklist for planning IFR flights and most important links Links[/vc_column_text]

Evening before flight

  • File flight plan (Garmin Pilot or RocketRoute)
  • Fuel Planning
  • Weight & Balance
  • T/O & Landing distance
  • Update IPAD (maps, etc.)
  • Weather Briefing
  • Prepare Cirrus Perspective Charts Update

Morning before flight

  • NOTAM updated
  • Weather updated
  • License / Medical
  • Headset
  • Sunglasses
  • IPAD / iPhone Backup

At the aircraft

  • Fuel tanks
  • Oil
  • Oxygen tank
  • De-icing tank
  • Pre-flight check
  • Update Cirrus Perspective
  • Check EOBT

Flight planning sources